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CIOs need to safeguard their enterprises from the risks of government/bank default, euro break-up, counterparty bankruptcy and employee/customer distress.
New survey shows that almost 70% of Hong Kong employers expect their staff to be available while on annual leave or out of office hours.
Enterprises’ use of external cloud providers like Google and Amazon Web Services has surged in the past year. This article provides a checklist of capabilities for organizations to look for when choosing a cloud provider. The provider’s ability to effectively manage aspects as diverse as performance, virtualization, security and provisioning is crucial.
"In 2010 - the new normal", David Wee lays out a new economic world order requiring business leaders and entrepreneurs to change tactics re-aligning previously set agendas and strategies within the boundaries of a new paradigm. To help you get over the shock read this prologue to the new normal.
Economists and industry observers talk about the "New Normal" as the new environment around which strategies must be reviewed and re-aligned. David Wee, a successful Singaporean entrepreneur offers his views about what this means to business leaders.
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